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Sep 08

Don’t worry

HI! Don’t worry! Things are happening behind the scenes but you don’t know about it 🙂 It seems that I do not fly as much as I used to – well, on the personal agenda it dropped a bit due to bad weather most of the time, but for other areas things are moving along. …

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Sep 17

Gopro Hero 3 Black – Teardown

GoPro hero 3 usb connector

I have to admit that the LKTR250 frame and my GoPro Hero3 black camera are not quite compatible. The frame is a bit narrow and the GoPro has to be the worst camera in the world regarding aerodynamics as it has the largest surface facing forward. Imagine a GoPro Hero with the lens on the …

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Jan 21

Winter update

A short winter update… We went off to fly indoors at the big event held in January. It was great fun to meet up with old and new friends. I started to rebuild my Swift II for some fun FPV flying. If you remember I tested FPV with it long time ago…Now I have a …

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Sep 12

Brushless gimbal

For a long time, actually since I first spotted early versions I wanted to get a brushless gimbal for aerial videos. Now that the market is flooded with variations from mega expensive to dirt cheap I finally pressed the buy button. I decided to get a Tarot Brushless Gimbal for Gopro Hero 3 (TL68A00)   This …

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Sep 18

Bixler Bird Chase

I was flying a windy day when I spotted one of the local Common Buzzards? I followed him and he played chase with me for a while. Arduplane behaved very well, I was testing RTH a few times and I will plot a cool route when the weather gets calm. I do have shorter range …

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Apr 15

GoPro Replacement

Last time I crashed my GoPro HD I was feeling a bit sad. I figured – I got this camera as a replacement for the previous one (insurance) I do not know if the insurance is valid for the replacement as well. Yesterday I went by my local shop where I bought the GoPro and …

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Apr 12

3d printed parts

With camera

A friend of mine was kind to send me samples made on his 3d printer. 2 gimbals for GoPro cameras that I can use on a multirotor or a plane. Here are some images.

Aug 18

GoProHD took a dive on its own

For some unknown reason I forgot to close the hatch properly on the waterproof casing. This was obvious when I see water inside the housing and the camera is in recording mode. I have no tools to open the camera here and I will contact GoPro and see if i can get a good deal …

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Apr 09

T-copter halted or cancelled

I have decided to cancel the work on the T-copter. At least halt it for a while (I still have all things needed for it) The reason I choose to do this is the fact that the T-copter cannot compare to the Quadcopter in any way. Even If I convert it into a MultiWii T-cotper …

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Oct 07

GoPro’s HD HERO Naked

I have finally ordered a GoPro’s HD HERO Naked including a 16Gb SDHC memory card Now I will be able to shoot high definition movies, shoot interval pictures and record 720P slow motion. Here are the description from goprocamera.com GoPro’s HD HERO Naked is the world’s highest performance wearable 1080p HD video and still photo …

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