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Jan 06

Swift II LED pictures

Without flash

I was asked to explain how I did the LED modifications. Here are more images to show how the LED-strips are inserted into the foam. The winglet LED’s (red and green) are mounted with the supplied sticky-tape this way the red and green does not make the foam glow but they are more directional. This …

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Jan 02

Swift II night

I took the Swift II for a short flight to demonstrate how effective the LED’s are in air.

Dec 28

Swift II LED

Orientation Led's

I mounted a LED strip to my Swift II. This will make it possible to fly in total darkness. 2 40cm long cuts where I inserted the LED-strips standing in the foam. The cuts are about 15mm deep so I can squeeze in the 10mm wide strip and glue the foam together again. Here is …

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Mar 03

Quadcopter lights

From below rear side

I mounted some white LED strips to the Quadcopter. The strips can be cut in pieces of 3LED’s and then you solder wires to next segment or to power. Here is what the Quadcopter looks like now. All are LEDstrips are joined with a 3S LIPO alarm and connected to the balance port on the …

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Jan 20

Skywalker LED

Vent port with LED strip visible on bottom

I added LED strips to my Skywalker so I can keep flying in the darkness. Weight penalty is minor and Current drain is barely noticeable. The LED strip is attached to the carbon rod and taped to the bottom of fuselage. Here are a few images of the fuselage with internal LEDstrip