Tag: lipo

Jun 29

RC progress

The work on Bixler is slow 🙂 Yesterday I soldered new wires to the ESC that allows me to route the connector down into the battery compartment. I have been thinking a lot about a pod that fits all gear and I actually ordered a pod from Diydrones that can house the ardupilot/oilpan electronics including …

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Mar 24

Funny LIPO’s

Ready for the incinerator

Here are some images from a couple of old 2200mAh LIPO’s 1 puffed (2 outer cells swollen) and 1 undamaged. The damaged cells are now disposed and the 1 cell that is intact has new JST connector to it. It means I have a 1S 2200mAh LIPO Instead of a broken 3S.

Jul 01

Component relocation

I tried a new layout today. A quick rearrange to get the camera more forward and the battery backwards. I think I managed to get the weight pretty even but I still have some rearranging to do as I still have some trims used (I do not want that) As it was before the battery …

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