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Oct 20

LKTR250 aluminium arms

LKTR250 parts

Here are all parts for my LKTR250 Quad. I decided to make new arms from 10*10mm aluminium instead of 3d printed ones. I took measures from the 3d printed arms and used the same hole spacing. This way I can choose between them 2. THe aluminium arms have 2 holes so I can extend the …

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Aug 19

LKTR250 FPV at the sawmill

In this clip I fly with my good friend MarkusB. We both have LKTR250’s and we are using frequencies so we can fly together without interrupting each other allowing us to create fun clips like this.     The topmost video is my view¬†– watch MarkusB video below

Aug 19


Here is 1 of the first FPV flights I did with the LKTR250 once I configured it to my liking’s     I really like the Naze32 Afro mini controller from Abusemark (thanks Timecop)

Jul 04

LKTR250 Tests

My test with the LKTR250 / Hoovership MHQ is continuing. As I am new to the Afro MIni controller from Abusemark¬†I have some reading to do. With the extra added weight of FPV gear the Quad gets a bit wobbly so I have to adjust the PID’s a bit more. Yesterday I finished soldering the …

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Jun 24

LKTR250 altitude test

  I only have a small piece of cotton-pad on the altimeter sensor. As it looks this works great. Now I have to finish the FPV rig for this.