Tag: LRS

Jun 15

Bixler waypoint test in strong wind


I went out to test the Bixler in stronger winds as well as extending the route setting waypoints further away. The flight path was repeated 2 times – when I compare them 2 in Google Earth I’m impressed by the accuracy. No big deviations from the route despite strong wind from 1 side. See the …

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Jun 08

Long range FPV tested

Today I rushed away 21:15 to get to the RC field…21:30 I arrive, all empty(wonder why a Saturday night;) ) Anyway…I programmed a longer route in my Arduplane. I also powered up all gear, FPV, camera and OSD so I could detect any interferences. At some points I had static, but I never lost picture …

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May 09

433mhz LRS – UPDATED!

I am busy testing the 433mhz LRS system from Orange. A: OrangeRx Open LRS 433MHz 9Ch Receiver and: OrangeRx Open LRS 433MHz TX Module (JR/Turnigy compatible) The stock antennas are not the best – I purchased a Nagoya 771 from ebay and I built a Dipole antenna. So far it is pretty obvious which antenna …

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Apr 02

433Mhz LRS

I received my LRS gear and I’m currently doing some initial tests. Connected the module to my 9X – check OK Binding TX-RX – check OK Connected the module to my Eurgle 3ch radio -check OK Now I can mount the Receiver on my RC car and go for a drive around my block. To …

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