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Jun 20

MiniQuad progress

Im working on the miniQuad. It is fully assembled and tested with multiWii but I had some strange behaviours that Ive never had on any MuliWii before. I ordered a AfroMini 32 from abusemark.com I have it configured on my desk but I have some issues related to PPM signal. The PPM signal i OK …

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Mar 11

MultiWii 2.2 is released

The outstanding software MultiWii is released in version 2.2 I can’t wait for better weather to test thi new version on my 450Quad. ***Control mode*** – introduction of HORIZON MODE. We have now 3 modes: ACRO mode. This is the default one when none of the ANGLE & HORIZON BOX is activated. The copter will …

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Mar 24

MultiWii airplane guide


PatrikE wrote a good summary how to get MultiWii running for your airplane. Here is the text from his article. How to setup a Multiwii Airplane Same Hardware as a MultiWii copter. Arduino PRO MINI. 5V 16MHz – Gyro Ex Nintendo Wii motion plus. – Accelerometer Ex Nintendo Nunchuck.(Optional) Acc only needed for Auto leveling. …

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Feb 05



I finally ordered a Bixler and some parts from HobbyKing. My intentions are to have it as a platform to test the MultiWii software (in airplane mode) I will also have it as a smaller fun-fly FPV rig with lighter FPV gears on it (small camera, simple OSD and 5.8Ghz video)

Jan 28

MultiWii airplane mode

I am currently testing the MultiWii airplane mode. Early stages of testing shows some really cool features. There are a few things for me to find out and if I mount MultiWii on my Skywalker or a new platform like Bixler is still unknown. The goal for Skywalker is more autonomous so its going to …

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Apr 09

T-copter halted or cancelled

I have decided to cancel the work on the T-copter. At least halt it for a while (I still have all things needed for it) The reason I choose to do this is the fact that the T-copter cannot compare to the Quadcopter in any way. Even If I convert it into a MultiWii T-cotper …

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Apr 03

Quadcopter ESC test

I used my TURNIGY BESC programming card to alter the configurations to suit the MultiWii software better. I changed Battery from LI.XX to NI.XX and set voltage cutoff to LOW (This disables the feature with NI.XX batteries settings) I also changed timing to HIGH and the result was great. (See this post for image) No …

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Mar 06

Quadcopter indoors

Today I flew the Quadcopter indoors for the first time. It flew very well. Compared to the outdoor maiden test I toned down RC rate and Expo a bit but I will have to increase RC rate again. I flew 4 flights just to try various things and it is very stable and performing well …

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Mar 02

Multiwii boards


Here are pictures of my 2 MultiWii boards the good looking one is v1.0 from 420rcPilot The other is my 1st pertinax-board – ugly but working well The 1st picture features an UBEC that I use to power the boards. The AR6100 is mounted on the bottom side The 2nd picture lacks sensor as it’s …

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Mar 01

Multiwii problems 1.0 SOLVED

Today I solved my problemswith MultiWii 🙂 I’m a very happy man. After several weeks of malfunctions It turned out to be a pretty simple error (it usually is the most obvious) I had enabled some code that I was pretty sure I had selected in earlier versions but when I disabled the line Everything …

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