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Nov 11



I have been upgrading my 433mhz Turnigy equipment to the latest version of firmware. Last time I did it was an update-process with Arduino IDE – now there is an¬†openLRSng-configurator¬†as a Google Chrome App. It works great! openLRSng-configurator But I do have a few issues that I want to inform about.   To begin you …

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Jun 12

Bixler Arduplane auto navigation 1Km

I was out testing Arduplane even more the other day. I added a route following a few simple waypoints but extended the range even further. in my previous test I was verifying OpenLRSng with 1280mhx video. This was an extension to that. I think the waypoint at most was about 1Km away. During this flight …

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Jun 08

Long range FPV tested

Today I rushed away 21:15 to get to the RC field…21:30 I arrive, all empty(wonder why a Saturday night;) ) Anyway…I programmed a longer route in my Arduplane. I also powered up all gear, FPV, camera and OSD so I could detect any interferences. At some points I had static, but I never lost picture …

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May 19

433mhz installed in my Bixler


I finally got the time to install the 433mhz module and the Turn stile antenna on my Bixler. The antenna is located on the bottom side of the wing and the RX is located on the pod – behind the camera The 1st flight will be LOS in manual mode (arduplane) – Then if things …

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