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Apr 04

Skywalker progress FPV

Wires galore

I had a go at the wiring on the FPV gear. By removing the clutter of connectors I managed to get a quite small footprint of the connections. A small strip of Pertinax board is used to distribute power from a 3S Lipo to the camera and the video transmitter. I also soldered ground wires …

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May 17

FPV – progress

I received the replacement parts form the manufacturer to my video goggles today. This time the goggles worked as they were supposed to and the image was projected like my 42″ TFT at about the same distance as my sofa…~2.5 meters or so Now I have to hook up the Eagletree systems so I can …

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May 10

OSD test

I hacked a camera so I could connect it to my Eagletree OSD here is the result… Viewed on my 42″