Tag: programming

Sep 18

DLG Taranis setup

For some it is a huge task to program your Taranis radio. A DLG has some specific features that can be tricky so the best option is to search for at RCgroups for a suitable guide. Didn’t take long to find a specific program for my 3 channel DLG, 2 ailerons and elevator. Now you …

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Nov 02

MultiWii issues

For a while I had several issues with my Quadcopter. I Haven’t been able to pinpoint the problem, I even changed sensors but the problem persists. The error I have is in stable mode. Even If I calibrate all sensors on a level surface and I use a Button spirit level to make sure the …

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Apr 01

Turnigy ESC Programming

Turnigy Programming Card

I had to alter the programming on my ESC’s for the MultiWii Quadcopter (any MultiWii that is) As I had a bad crash outdoors(see previous post with movie) I found out the hard way that I really had to alter the ESC programming. I already knew this but hoped I really didn’t have to do …

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Jan 02

Skywalker Flaps / Ailerons

Skywalker wing

I mounted Flaps and Ailerons on 1 of the wings. As the flaps are only marked but not cut it is an option to install flaps – I want to add them in order to fly slower, hopefully to generate better footage in the end. I copied the design of the servo-slot for ailerons and …

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