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Jul 15

Tricopter or Tcopter build

I got a few items back that I lend to a friend. They are parts from my DIY Quadcopter: motors, esc’s, paris board etc. Now I have parts to build a Tricopter or T-copter. My goal with this build is to have a clear view for the GoPro and a stable platform for aerial videos. …

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Apr 20

Quadcopter and Tricopter updates

Yesterday I was working on my Quadcopter and a Tricopter (Davids) I was balancing the motors one by one and found out that I have to replace 1 motor on my Quadcopter. It sounds awful and I assume this is the one motor I got running from 2 previous broken motors. There are some vibrations …

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Jun 14

New Quadcopter


Now that I finally got the replacement parts from hobbycity (some were back orders) I can continue building my new Quadcopter. I will use the same set-up as on v.II but I will make small changes to the frame itself to allow better wiring. I will also use a camera stabilization for the GoPro camera. …

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Apr 09

T-copter halted or cancelled

I have decided to cancel the work on the T-copter. At least halt it for a while (I still have all things needed for it) The reason I choose to do this is the fact that the T-copter cannot compare to the Quadcopter in any way. Even If I convert it into a MultiWii T-cotper …

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Mar 26

Quadcopter flying about

Directly after the crash(previous post) I replaced the LIPO with a fresh one and took off again as there were no visible damages to the Quadcopter. Some general fun flying in autolevel mode.

Mar 25

Quadcopter autolevel test

I got a go at the autolevel feature of MultiWii today. Overall the feature is really nice – this is default settings but the Quadcopter must be calibrated level. I calibrated in on a car-park and its not level so the Quadcopter drifts slightly when autolevel is enabled. And then I had a motor failure …

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Mar 14

Quadcopter outdoor

I flew my Quadcopter outside my house yesterday. 1st I did some tests and then I added the FPV gear. It was a great feeling going FPV again as I have not done that since last summer/fall. Here is the video

Mar 14

Quadcopter Indoor at Trekanten

I flew a few hours indoors at Trekanten gymnasium. Some recordings are edited down to this clip

Mar 03

Quadcopter maiden

I managed to get my Quadcopter maidened. I went off to do some tests on a local soccer field but it was busy so I had to go to an empty car park instead – Tarmac is not the surface I wanted to maiden on… About -1 degree Celsius and a bit of wind so …

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Mar 03

Quadcopter lights

From below rear side

I mounted some white LED strips to the Quadcopter. The strips can be cut in pieces of 3LED’s and then you solder wires to next segment or to power. Here is what the Quadcopter looks like now. All are LEDstrips are joined with a 3S LIPO alarm and connected to the balance port on the …

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