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Sep 18

DLG Taranis setup

For some it is a huge task to program your Taranis radio. A DLG has some specific features that can be tricky so the best option is to search for at RCgroups for a suitable guide. Didn’t take long to find a specific program for my 3 channel DLG, 2 ailerons and elevator. Now you …

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Apr 23

Skywalker change radio configuration

I found the error that caused me to have no OSD overlay in the maiden FPV flight. The Elogger V3 needs external power if you do not connect any servo leads in/out to the Elogger. This causes ODS failure, but it keeps logging all valuable information. As I used the Ultrastick programming as guide for …

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Sep 23

Quadcopter software MODE1

The software is built and designed for MODE1 radio’s and so is all documentation. As I Have MODE2 radio there are lots of things that has to be verified prior to take-off… I printed the website from the author, underlined issues that has to be investigated and as soon as I get my propellers I …

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Jun 13

I had a dream…

Yesterday I was dreaming…or my brain was spinning…1 thing got stuck and it was to use a regular joystick for a PC to fly the tricopter(or fly anything). I do play a lot of games and I do lots of flying in them. I have a Logitech joystick and was thinking of converting this into …

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May 31

Tricopter using less channels

There are some posts and schematics using only 4 channels to control Tricopters in www.rcgroups.com If I go for this setup on the next tricopter I have 2 channels left on my receivers to control camera/fpv gear. As is right now I have no channel available at all…So if I’m going to mount a camera …

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