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Apr 25

Skywalker groundstation recording

I used a Videograbber to record the output from my eagle Tree Groundstation. I flew LOS (Line Of Sight) i.e. without video goggles. It was a nice evening and the sun was setting as can be seen in the video below. I still use stock antennas as I want to learn the limitations with them …

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Jul 04

FPV Flight #2

I had a great time flying FPV tonight. I played around a bit and started to get really comfortable using the goggles. It is really so much easier to fly FPV than visual that it has to be experienced 1st person – I simply cannot describe the feeling of freedom and control over your aircraft. …

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Jun 20

FPV Recording #2

OK – I finally got the recording onto a computer… I only had to dig up an old HDD, install Windows XP, then install the drivers for the SONY Handycam. After that was done….I managed to transfer the recorded material into Windows Movie Maker and the result was a video far below my expectations. See …

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