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Sep 08

Don’t worry

HI! Don’t worry! Things are happening behind the scenes but you don’t know about it 🙂 It seems that I do not fly as much as I used to – well, on the personal agenda it dropped a bit due to bad weather most of the time, but for other areas things are moving along. …

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Mar 02


More updates on the Skywalker. The Skywalker came with NTM PRop Drive Series 35-36A 1400Kv / 550W This motor will swing a 9*6 Graupner CAM folding (same as my old Skywalker) but with a new hub as this motor has a larger axle diameter. (I got  a new hub from a friend) This motor is …

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Aug 13

Electronic failures

There seems to be more issues with the Skywalker than I expected. Some of the servos does not respond at all and some are jittery. To avoid any interferences I use a small servo tester but the problems still exists. The fuselage is repaired and should be OK for some time but I ma pretty …

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Jun 12

Skywalker video with treetop crash

Here is the video from the treetop crash. Lots of water spraying in the beginning, trying to catch some rainbows(no treasure found) It ends up with the crash…

Jun 11

Skywalker FPV into a tree

The rescue squad

I had to do some tests with the 5.8Ghz and 1.2Ghz video-links. It was very windy and I had some issue/no range with the 5.8Ghz video so I landed and swapped for the 1.2Ghz instead – working like a charm, possible even better as I added a filter to remove harmonics. Having some fun flying …

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Jun 01

FPV Update

As you know I have been using 1.2Ghz for my videolink and it has been working perfect all the time. During the last flights, actually the 1st this year I discovered my link has some issues. I do not know if something is broken or if it is an antenna or connector that doesn’t work …

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May 28

Skywalker FPV with ER9X

Lovely sunset

I have been busy rebuilding the videolink and it seems I solved the issue, but I don’t know what the cause was. For some strange reason the goggles did not work either so there is more troubleshooting ahead. I flew LOS to begin with to get the hang of the ER9X programming. The Ailerons have …

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May 21

Skywalker tests


Yesterday I was performing a series of tests with the Skywalker. My intentions was to record some FPV over the yellow fields with rapeseed. A quick test on the ground shows everything working. During first flight that was LOS I discover that the videolink was gone after a few hundred meters. It was directional i.e …

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May 09

Arduplane testing

As you might know I will try Arduplane in the Skywalker and Bixler to begin with. I have a few ideas of how to perform tests and here are my thoughts 1 verify RTH (fly away and turn off radio/activate with a switch – plane returns to start at preconfigured height) 2 verify flying after …

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Jun 16

FPV Total lunar eclipse

The total lunar eclipse was yesterday and I went out for a FPV-flight hoping I could see the moon in my cameras. It was very windy and all flights were performed after sunset. A few minor crashes due to wind forced me to field repairs and the final crash also cracked the front of EPP …

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