Tag: T-copter

Jul 15

Tricopter or Tcopter build

I got a few items back that I lend to a friend. They are parts from my DIY Quadcopter: motors, esc’s, paris board etc. Now I have parts to build a Tricopter or T-copter. My goal with this build is to have a clear view for the GoPro and a stable platform for aerial videos. …

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Oct 22

T-copter update

I think I have to start the T-copter build once more πŸ™‚ I want to use my camera gimbal and I want to get rid of visible propellers. Bring in the T! The T-copter will fit nicely here, a cool frame with lots of potential. I only have to order a bunch of ESC’s to …

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Apr 09

T-copter halted or cancelled

I have decided to cancel the work on the T-copter. At least halt it for a while (I still have all things needed for it) The reason I choose to do this is the fact that the T-copter cannot compare to the Quadcopter in any way. Even If I convert it into a MultiWii T-cotper …

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Feb 26

T-copter progress

Yaw mechanism from top

I know – I have been lazy updating the T-copter – but here is the current state. Motors and ESC’s are transferred from my Tricopter. Gyros are mounted on exactly same centre plates (1 used, 1 new) The wire harness to power everything will be re soldered (I will reuse most of it, only adjust …

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Oct 21

GoPro HD arrived

GoPro HD camera

I finally got my GoPro HD Here is a quick samle pic (resized to 800*600 from 2592*1944/5mpix) Its taken from a conference room at work… Now I really have to get the T-copter in the air πŸ™‚ Yesterday I started dismantling my TriCopter and I will mount the big motors and ESC’s on the T-frame. …

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Oct 09

T-copter frame almost finished

T-copter frame

I love the simplicity of a Tricopter and even more a T-copter. The frame is so simple yet sturdy and torsionally rigid. Best of all is that it will allow me to have a very flexible layout to find the COG no matter what gear I use. As I’m waiting for the GoPro HD to …

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Oct 09

Tricopter with a T

I am currently planning for a T-copter. A Tricopter in a T-layout. Why this? Well…I ordered a GoPro HD and this camera has 170ΒΊ angle of view. If I mount this on my current Tricopter or the Quadcopter I will always capture motors and propellers on the front arms. So I figured I could build …

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