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Aug 28

Bixler FPV gear added

Depron Mount

I took the time to add the FPV gear for the next flights. I will not use the goggles but the FPV gear will be there – powered on to show if there are any problems. I will record everything on the groundstation. I will also make the changes to ArduPlane I mentioned in a …

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Jun 01

FPV Update

As you know I have been using 1.2Ghz for my videolink and it has been working perfect all the time. During the last flights, actually the 1st this year I discovered my link has some issues. I do not know if something is broken or if it is an antenna or connector that doesn’t work …

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May 21

Skywalker tests


Yesterday I was performing a series of tests with the Skywalker. My intentions was to record some FPV over the yellow fields with rapeseed. A quick test on the ground shows everything working. During first flight that was LOS I discover that the videolink was gone after a few hundred meters. It was directional i.e …

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Feb 05



I finally ordered a Bixler and some parts from HobbyKing. My intentions are to have it as a platform to test the MultiWii software (in airplane mode) I will also have it as a smaller fun-fly FPV rig with lighter FPV gears on it (small camera, simple OSD and 5.8Ghz video)

May 15

CloverLeaf antenna test

Today I finished soldering the Cloverleaf antennas for the video-link. I mounted it on top of the stabilizer on the Skywalker and 1 is intended to be on the ground-station. This test is performed without diversity and without Cloverleaf on ground-station. I connected everything and hooked up my 7″ LCD-monitor instead of goggles and put …

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May 04

Skywalker groundstation tests

I had to try some features with the Eagle Tree Eagleeyes groundstation. I connected 2 video RX so I could enable the diversity features and by doing this the groundstation beeps when the diverity feature swaps to the better video RX signal. This test is just like all others I’ve done so far with stock …

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Apr 14

Skywalker motor test

I decided to try the motor on my Skywalker TR 35-36A 1450kv Brushless Outrunner Hobbyking SS Series 40-50A ESC ZIPPY Flightmax 2200mAh 3S1P 20C I also recorded the short test with my GoPro HD and here is a short clip

Oct 21

GoPro HD arrived

GoPro HD camera

I finally got my GoPro HD Here is a quick samle pic (resized to 800*600 from 2592*1944/5mpix) Its taken from a conference room at work… Now I really have to get the T-copter in the air 🙂 Yesterday I started dismantling my TriCopter and I will mount the big motors and ESC’s on the T-frame. …

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May 30

Tricopter test

I couldnt hold it back – I had to go out for another session…here is the result If you listen carefully you hear that I’m adjusting settings a few times

May 10

OSD test

I hacked a camera so I could connect it to my Eagletree OSD here is the result… Viewed on my 42″