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Jul 15

Tricopter or Tcopter build

I got a few items back that I lend to a friend. They are parts from my DIY Quadcopter: motors, esc’s, paris board etc. Now I have parts to build a Tricopter or T-copter. My goal with this build is to have a clear view for the GoPro and a stable platform for aerial videos. …

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May 05

Tricopter v2 plates

Oh what are you doing

I totally forgot this post (sorry KoekieMonster) I got 2 lasercut Tricopter centerplates in my mail from KoekieMonster at fliteTest forum. They are top notch and smells great from the laser cutting process (burnt wood) Here is a bunch of unpacking images and variations of the tricopter scheme.

Apr 20

Quadcopter and Tricopter updates

Yesterday I was working on my Quadcopter and a Tricopter (Davids) I was balancing the motors one by one and found out that I have to replace 1 motor on my Quadcopter. It sounds awful and I assume this is the one motor I got running from 2 previous broken motors. There are some vibrations …

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Jul 28

Sensors and a frame

Wii sensors

I got a box full of sensors today. I also got the Tricopter frame I ordered from Anspe.se. So I can start assembling some pieces.

Jul 23

Complete Tricopter order

Boards from viacopter.eu

I have been contacted by an fellow RC enthusiast about delivering a Tricopter. I will order bits and pieces and make some tweaking and fine-tuning to the software to get the Tricopter as stable as possible. Here is a picture of the assembly of the multiwii-board The LED’s are both red and super bright. They …

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Sep 26

Tricopter – A garden flight

Some Standard Tricopter flight at a garden by the water

Jul 30

Over the ponds video

This video is by far one of the best I have made with the Tricopter. The soundtrack is by A.R Rahman. The “Mumbai Theme Tune” this can make grown up people cry… I worked hard to get the sequences to fit the music as neat as possible See the result in HD below… It’s to …

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Jul 22

Camera mount

Looking back at all videos I made earlier I must say I am a bit disappointed. This made my brain think a bit and I came up with a camera mount that will give me the option to aim the camera in any direction (tilt) and to have it horizontally aligned at almost all the …

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Jul 21

Tricopter at Törneby Herrgård

I borrowed the garden at Törneby Herrgård – a nice location, and most of all – a great place to go FPV A few parts are FPV and some are not…

Jul 11

New recording – hands off

Hands off

I recorded another flight (same day as under the bridge) Here is a snapshot from that movie (from GoProHero film) As you can see I can fly the tricopter hands off and here I hovered in front of me, aligned and went over my head hands off. Then I turned around and had to recap …

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