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Jun 01

FPV Update

As you know I have been using 1.2Ghz for my videolink and it has been working perfect all the time. During the last flights, actually the 1st this year I discovered my link has some issues. I do not know if something is broken or if it is an antenna or connector that doesn’t work …

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Apr 25

Skywalker groundstation recording

I used a Videograbber to record the output from my eagle Tree Groundstation. I flew LOS (Line Of Sight) i.e. without video goggles. It was a nice evening and the sun was setting as can be seen in the video below. I still use stock antennas as I want to learn the limitations with them …

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Mar 06

Quadcopter indoors

Today I flew the Quadcopter indoors for the first time. It flew very well. Compared to the outdoor maiden test I toned down RC rate and Expo a bit but I will have to increase RC rate again. I flew 4 flights just to try various things and it is very stable and performing well …

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Oct 07

GoPro’s HD HERO Naked

I have finally ordered a GoPro’s HD HERO Naked including a 16Gb SDHC memory card Now I will be able to shoot high definition movies, shoot interval pictures and record 720P slow motion. Here are the description from goprocamera.com GoPro’s HD HERO Naked is the world’s highest performance wearable 1080p HD video and still photo …

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Sep 30

Tricopter at the Castle

Once again I was at my local castle. I flew 3*2200Mah and 1*5000Mah LIPO’s It ended up in lots of clips – the longest sequence was over 9 minutes so I had some work to crop and edit the material. Anyway….here is the result – I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. …

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Sep 26

Tricopter – A garden flight

Some Standard Tricopter flight at a garden by the water

Aug 21

Tricopter by water fall – slow motion

I set the camera to Slow motion and flew at another location a few Km’s up-streams… Here is the result.

Aug 20

Tricopter at a water fall

I flew over a local water fall to record some parts of it…

Jul 07

Tricopter under the bridge

I had some fun flying sans FPV today (visal view) I mounted 2 keychain cameras on board, 1 facing front and 1 facing rear…the GoPro camera was also on board but I forgot to start it up… The result of the video can be seen here – I am also testing Sony Vegas as video …

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May 30

Tricopter hovering

I tried some settings today.. here is the result