Video Editing

As I make lots of videos of my flying adventures I figured why not add a page about video editing?


Today I use a GoProHD camera – it is the best currently available option right now for my needs delivering great videos in several resolutions and slow motion as well.
Transfer all videos to the computer(PC) and you want to edit the clips a bit.

I use Sony Vegas for my editing and it is a great tool. I used Pinnacle studio earlier and my licensed version will not run on 64bit software so I had to find something else. Pinnacle studio in a later version didn’t run on my computer so I tested Sony Vegas and it worked.

So far this is what I have done but I test other things…

You can use VirtualDub to run the Barrel distortion correction from GoPro.

VirtualDub – a free video editing software has some features that are handy. I’m talking about some plugins like deshaker and fish-eye distortion reducer.
(Deshaker or “stabilize” is added into Sony Vegas in v10

VirtualDub plugin guide

I choose to write this guide to help out making great videos. Like before – convert GoPro-file with FFMPEG to have an uncompressed video. Download Deshaker plugin. put the .vdf-file in the plugins folder of VirtualDub. Also make sure you have Barrel plugin in the same folder. Here follows the steps of how to add …

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